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What do you mean when you say Manchesters are not for everyone?

Tulip & Petie at 6 monthsDogs are a long-term commitment, and each household has a different lifestyle. Potential dog owners should first assess whether they are ready to make a commitment to any dog before moving on to breed selection.

While Manchesters are small, clean dogs who shed minimally, they are also dogs that require a great deal of training and socialization.  The keys to a properly trained and socialized Manchester Terrier are TIME, COMMITMENT, and CONSISTENCY.

If you don't have much time, have trouble following through, or have a great deal of chaos in your life, a Manchester puppy is not for you.  A young adult or adult may work out, but we would strongly recommend against a  puppy. Manchesters are smart -- often too smart for their own good, and they require an owner with the patience and tenacity to nip bad behaviors in the bud while reinforcing proper social skills in a puppy.

While 'softer' than many terriers (likely due to the influence of sight-hounds in the breed), Manchesters are terriers and as such they are naturally wary of strangers and alert to noises. A well-bred Manchester terrier should have an underlying good temperament; however, each dog still requires attention and socialization.