What health testing do you do, and what are the results?

Buster in ActionWe DNA test for Von Willebrand's disease as well as performing routine x-rays on hips for displasia and Leggs-Calves-Perthes, manual exams for luxated patellas, and routine exams for overall health. We have also begun detailed cardiac screenings of our breeding dogs. We will be happy to make written results of tests available upon request. 

Please be aware that the only genetic test available for Manchester Terriers at this time is a DNA test for vWD.  All other tests (x-rays for hips, CERF for eyes, BAER for hearing, blood assays for Thyroid function, etc.) are 'clinical' or observational.  They demonstrate whether a dog exhibits symptoms of a disorder ("affected") or not.  These tests are important, but the results for a puppy's parents are of limited value on their own.  For negative recessive traits, a dog can be free of clinical symptoms yet still carry for the disease.   Particularly if you are looking for a young puppy, it's important to ask about the health not only of the puppy's parents but also his grandparents and siblings from the parents' prior litters.