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Effie - #2 Toy Manchester in the US!

GCH Tropicfox DreamgirlYou were expecting a very dignified show photo to accompany this very auspicious headline, right?  While we are very proud of Effie and our other dogs' show accomplishments, it's important to remember that they are our very much beloved pets who enjoy a good roll in the grass as much as the next dog.  That mischevious look is very real, by the way.  Effie is a pistol - a true terrier. This photograph was taken on December 4th in our backyard, of course. 

Effie has had a great year.  As the #2 Toy Manchester in the US for 2010, Effie qualified for one of the invitations given to the top five dogs of each breed or variety  every year for the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog show.. 

 With group wins and multiple group placements in highly competitive Toy Groups in Florida and around the south, Effie has demonstrated that a correct Toy Manchester can do well both at the breed and group level.  With one show weekend left to go in the year, we don't know her final placement in the Top Five; however, We couldn't be more pleased with how Effie has matured. 

Sired by our stud-dog, CH Shal-Mar's Jigsaw Puzzler (Jiggs), Effie was bred by our friends Dr. Phillip Carracher & Gary Bealer (Tropicfox) and Jerri Hobbs (HeavenHi) out of their bitch, CH Heaven Hi's Foolish Pleasure.  We are very greatful to have been entrusted with Effie. She is a terrific show dog, house dog, and all around companion. Our thanks, also, to Harry Bennett who took over handling Effie back in June. Carolyn had shown Effie to the #5 spot, but Effie moved from #5 to #2 under Harry's expert guidance.